Is our philosophy because Galápagos emerged from the sea and all the ingredients we use in the kitchen are from local farmers and fisherman. We value the unique diversity of the islands, the history and it´s importance in the enviroment.



The sea

Galápagos is known for the marine diversity and the enormous number of uniques animals.


A rocky land were many products grows and adapt to the different climate stages through out all the island. 



We believe in a close and strong relationship with our suppliers, so we can learn from them and get all the inspiration for our creations.


We do a fine dining tasting experience with all the ingredients we found seasonally in the market.



Join our chefs into the Journey they take through Puerto Ayora, first meeting at the Local Market where local food producers offer a great variety of vegetables and fruits that are used in every dish at the restaurant. Later you can join the chefs in a especial class to learn how to make a great ceviche. At night you return to the restaurant and take the Tasting Menu with the products they bought the same day. Join our chefs into this Amazing trip.